Monday, January 27, 2014

Why I believe that Chalk Paint®Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan is 'Healing in a Can'? What makes it so different from other paints?

I am sitting here just catching my breath after another hectic week and lovely weekend with my grand kids and thinking how blessed I am in so many ways. Most of you know that I only really blog once a month, and that my FB page is really my connection with everyone. This is where I try to inform all of you about what is happening at the Big White Goose and sharing with you all the lovely creative ideas and projects that so many of you are doing around the world with our lovely Chalk Paint® by our Annie Sloan. However, this week for some strange reason, many of my customers have asked me, 'why do I refer to Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan as 'Healing in a can'? and what really makes it so different from the rest of the Chalk Paints out there?

LOL! Where do I start? Firstly, let's talk about the so called other 'Chalk Paints' out there.
Simple answer is THERE IS NONE! Honestly, I am not mad. Annie Sloan created this marvelous low toxic, no sanding, no priming paint over  20 yrs ago. She called it 'Chalk Paint®' as to Annie it had a chalky feel. IT IS A BRAND NAME. There is no chalk in it and as you know it hardly has any VOC in it either. It is and will remain the ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL 'Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan'.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and it is. That is why you are seeing so many 'so called' other paints out there claiming to be 'Chalk Paint'. Why are they not promoting their own paint under their own brand name? Why do they advertise and use social media to promote their paint under the name of Chalk Paint or Chalky Paint, and so fourth? Coming from many years in a marketing background, I will tell you they do this, because Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is sweeping the country, Europe, its sells.. People want it, they love it, it opens new creative avenues for them, because it is a really really beautiful, healing, simple, creative product. That is why they hang on to Annie's shirt tales and her brand Chalk Paint®decorative paint by Annie Sloan. There are others near me who are selling another form of furniture paint. You don't see their signs saying or promoting their paint name, oh no! what you see is 'Chalk Paint' sold here, or get 'Chalk Paint' here. Because they know that some people associate with 'Chalk Paint' and when they do most think of Annie Sloan. It gets people into their shops much easier, that is why. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem whatsoever with other paint products at all, there should be something for everyone, but hey! I do when those other companies, directly try to cash in on what another person has spent and still does they life's work. I do when they try to cash in on the brand name, I do when the try to spread rubbish about Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan.
All I can say is, if you want to know why Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is different to the others aside from what I am saying, and what is all the fuss about, then find your local stockist and ask?

I personally will be happy to share and show you why: It is more than just paint. Besides painting and covering without sanding or priming most surfaces, including marble, slate, concrete, to name but a few, and dying fabric, painting fabric, leather, shoes, and all the various techniques and looks you can achieve with Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan paint and waxes and not forgetting how bloody durable it all is.
As stockist we continue to invest in training, techniques, teaching ourselves, sharing with others stockist all around the world ideas, tips, support. We do this, because we have a belief, passion for the product, Annie Sloan herself, respect for Annie Sloan Unfolded, the team that heads up the distribution here in the USA. Yes, retail is hard, yes we have businesses to run, but I can personally tell you from where I stand, we all stand united in Chalk Paint®decorative paint by our Annie Sloan, that when we sell you a can of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan paint, you get much more than that and no other so called 'Chalk Paint' will ever give you more value, commitment, education for money.

There are many techniques with this paint, but most of all its simple, fun and meant to bring creative joy to the soul, which leads me to the next question I get asked a lot recently. Why I think it is healing in a can?


Color has always played a major role in particular moods or state of our minds. Color can and does affect feelings, moods and your emotions. Colors are a particular wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy that is seen through our eyes. The color we see is part of our visible spectrum that is reflects back to us by what we are looking at.

Click Here to find out more about Color and how it can affect and heal us 

  • Color is just one of the languages of our soul.
  • Color does influence moods and emotions.
  • Color can affect our well-being.
  • Color affects our sense of perception for e.g light colors make a space look bigger, a ceiling looks less high when painted in dark colors.
  • Colors have a symbolic meaning which is recognized by our subconscious. That is why it is interesting to me when people choose particular colors when redecorating as it often symbolizes changes within a person life. White for instance, mean a clearing out! a need to make things simpler, clarity. Other cultures can interpret colors differently.
  • Color influences the flow and energy within our own bodies.

I have personally seen customers who have been sad, low in energy, not sure what they want. However, they can open a can of Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan, not worry about making mistakes, how they paint, what they paint, and just create with ease, no hard work, no awful chemicals, just pure joy of creating. What happens is painting is a form of meditative state, we switch off for a moment or two, our minds calm and that starts a whole cellular healing process we don't even know is going on. We start to feel a sense of joy, excitement for what we are trying to achieve. We feel different because we have done something, quickly, and seen results in what we have tried to do. All this is good healing, soul food, feeding that creative side we all have and for some it is locked way because the thought of sanding and priming and chemicals puts us off what we would like to do, doesn't it. However,Its not stressful to open a can of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, stir that wonderful thicker paint, mix colors even, then just paint.  No mess, no stress, just pure color, and just paint and create. When the paint allows you to create textures, and patina so easily, it becomes a healing process you don't even know is happening. This is why I believe it is healing in a can, and this is just part of our energy process.

I hope this has answered some of your questions, and now you know why I don't blog everyday, I would ramble on way way to long. However, I felt I need to address these to points.

Have a lovely week everyone, with lots of color...LOL!!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to cover furniture with aluminum foil. Chalk Paint® meets Lenny. Step by Step

Hello, well I thought I had better put this step by step on how to cover your furniture with aluminum foil together fairly quickly from the response I have had to the video I posted yesterday on my facebook page, and a few other places. I have to say, I am really into using aluminum foil for home design and up-cycling lark so many of us are into these days and find important. Aside from this I have a few other stunning ways of how to use this foil, I will keep you posted, as I just know some of you will be amazed at the effect. Best of all is the look you get for such little expense, and it's fun, more so with a glass of wine, but still fun nevertheless...just kidding.

Me and blogs are a bloody nightmare, because I either ramble on way to long, or months go by and I have not updated you all on anything lovely and creative, especially with our lovely Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Enough going on, so here we go. Oh, and for those of you who did not see the video I have included it at the end, if you have watched it, just ignore it..

First choose your piece- mine was a grotty piece of desk cut in half and full of all sort of creepy crawlies. Let me introduce you to Lenny all alone in our work kitchen at the studio.

So you can see Lenny is in a bad way, bless him.

Next buy yourself some aluminum foil- I use Reynolds Wrap because out of all those that I tried I found this to be the strongest.Then after cleaning Lenny inside and out, painted on with a small brush wunda size, this is a glue used for faux foils etc. You leave the wunda size on for about 15 minutes until tacky.

When the wunda size was tacky I store of large strips of the aluminum foil and started to cover Lenny, pressing down with a credit card or store card as I went to smooth parts of the foil out. I did not want an entire smooth finish as the crinkles would be what makes the patina aged when applied with dark wax. Cover the whole thing, including edges. Even if you make a hole by mistake in the foil when pressing down, you can go back and add a "patch" by sticking a small piece on top, this will not notice and in fact can add to the look and texture.
 This chappy is my mate Graham who was fixing a bit of wood that broke, LOL!
Dada! so far so good.

Next add the dark wax by Annie Sloan.
I brushed a lot of this on back and fourth and wiped of excess once I had done one side at a time. Then I went back over it in places I wanted to add some depth.
I had put the wunda size on the drawers before I waxed so they were ready while the wax was drying on Lenny.
 Here you can see one drawer with wax and one without and the difference it makes and different looks you could go for.
I had taken the handles of as I wanted to use French gilding wax on them in different shades to add some color. But you can easily paint over the ironmongery as you all know by now our Annie's Chalk Paint® does a marvelous job of that.

One handle in copper with the gilded wax and the other as it was.
Once the dark wax is dry, you can add any gilding wax if you want to. Here I added the gold/copper gilding wax on the edges and in areas I wanted to highlight. You can see how the dark wax is sitting nicely on the sides.
When you are happy with the look, so you have either smoothed the foil out more for a more painted metallic effect or you have done as I have and kept a few crinkles you then paint the clear top coat all over. Making sure you cover everything to make sure it is protected.
Add your handles and then if need be you can go over with tin colored gilded wax for added sparkle, as I did. You can see how close the tin colored gilded wax is to the foil.

That it it really- I still don't think pictures do it justice, but I can
tell you it is lovely looking, and inside the drawers I painted them in Chalk Paint® Provence. For me I love the look because it fits in with any style really no matter what your tastes.

At the Big White Goose I will be showing you how to use foil in ways you could not have imagined in your home and the fact that they are very durable. Think about it, if it stands up to heat in the bloody oven!!! well!!! I hope you like this little blog and it gives you ideas of your own, particularly on pieces that are badly damaged. After all everything deserves a bit of love..
Have a marvelous week and if you liked this blog please let me know, then I will keep showing you all. LOL!!!

Bye for now

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Come Roll with Me!!

You know you would think that having written several books that I would be much better at keeping up with my blog. Hmmm! sorry! It seems as I learn more about running a small retail shop, along with creative workshops and other crazy ideas that come into my head at bloody 3am, it is all I can do to keep up. So, good old facebook is really the place I post every day or so.

It is not that I don't want to write a blog, just time. Today, rare Sunday off, I have no end of Christmas Gifts to wrap, mind you, my little Grand kids have already found them and had a sneak peek. Nevertheless, good old Grandma is still going to wrap them all and catch up on everything Christmas. I really do love this time of year.

Right, now some fun stuff. At the Big White Goose, we are constantly changing and my workshops are no different. Next year is so exciting, we not only have the Advanced Artisan Enhancement Workshops, playing with lovely foils, decoupage and all things gooey..LOL! But I am awaiting my new shipment soon of all things rubber! (now now!!!!) I mean rubber, textured & patterned paint rollers, to use with the best paint in the world and you know what I think that is.

So.. where was I, oh yeah, rubber! I love just bloody love these rollers, and you should see how they transform painting on fabric with our Annie's Chalk Paint®. Pop along to Goodwill or another thrift store and buy yourself some plain cheap fabric. Why! because next year added to already the new classes will be how to use this fun rollers on walls, furniture and fabric, and believe me, if you think I have already opened the can of creative worms for you, then hang on.

You will be re painting, re purposing, re using and going nuts all at the same time, when I have finished giving you plenty of fun, creative and cost effect ways to transform your home.
Now if only I had the time to do my own. Been in our house about 18months and have not really got to do that much, just repaint the kitchen, which I am going to do again next year.. walls, well these rollers are calling my name big time.

You will be able to see more samples on my website soon and facebook page. Sign up for our mailing list if you want to be informed of all the new workshops, stock, and creative ideas coming to the Big White Goose.
Well, coffee, Christmas songs, and wrapping paper are calling me.

Have a lovely week


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Use Transfer Gel ?Take Your Creativeness to a new level.

 I know, I know, it has been a few months since I updated this blog. I guess I will never be one of those "everyday" bloggers!!! Well, so be it: I try, however, updating and finding special things to share via my FaceBook Page it's a quick and easy way to share so very many exciting and new ideas with you. That being said, I have to admit, there are times when a blog is needed and I guess this is one of them. Hmmm! not so sure 4.30am in the morning is it, but here I am.

I can't sleep as I am so excited to finally have arriving this week at the Big White Goose my new Artist Enhancement Products. Oh! and when you start to learn how to use these products, all I can say is no piece is safe, wine flows freely and your creativeness knows no bounds. Seriously!

My store is forever changing as I try to think of ways where like minded friends can come together to have coffee, browse, or just dream, even play in the open paint bar area. All lovely energy coming together and in my little store. What could be better? Anyway, I will have in various books all the info on the various techniques these new products can do. Soon you will be able to sit and have coffee and browse through these books as our middle room changes to a meeting and design space for you and your friends. You will need to bear with me and my son Lee during these changes.  What would be lovely if you are reading this is to let me know if you would use such a space. Coffee and Tea, Hot Chocolate are all free and you can help yourselves. Comfy seating and lots of info. Feedback is always good when as a new little store owner you try to find ways to bring joy with the passion I have for all design and of course  magical Chalk Paint®decorative paint by our Annie Sloan.

Meanwhile- I am in love with the Transfer Gel, and the endless possibilities of use, just like our Chalk Paint®.
How To Use Transfer Gel?

So What is Transfer Gel some of you may be asking?

Transfer Gel is a transparent fibrous gel medium that transfers a design/image printed from a laser jet or professional printed material onto a surface. It can also be used to decoupage.

Recommended Use:
Transfer Gel can be used over paint on furniture, wood, walls, and any previously painted surface.

Brush Transfer Gel liberally on printed material. Apply paper with print face down (make sure print is mirror imaged).  Use a smoothing tool to adhere paper evenly to surface. Allow paper to dry to assure the image has transferred. Best to let image transfer completely overnight but drying time can be sped up with use of a hairdryer. Spritz paper with water, then use your hand or sponge to roll away top layer of image first. Removal of excess paper can be done by hand or with a sponge. A two sided kitchen sponge works great as you can use rough side to remove excess paper around image. Your image actually sits on the Transfer Gel so do not remove the gel as you will remove the image. Do not over work the removal of your image.  Test small spot to assure drying is complete. Keep in mind Transfer Gel is not intended to give you a perfect “copied” look, so if you accidentally remove some of the image go with it and distress the sides a little.
That's it for info on the Transfer Gel, hope it was useful and if I can next month or before I will share the next 'How To' with you. I am off for more training next week and will be back with even more ideas and workshops to help you find your extra creative potential. Oh bye the way, we have some fab new Christmas signs and gifts coming into the store now. Stop by and say hi to Lee and give us your feedback remember!!!!!!!
Take Care

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Story of Robert & Annie

Hello Friends,

It has been a few weeks since I have written this blog. I end up, so excited to share the wonders of chalk paint®decorative paint by Annie Sloan, that I use good old FB most days. However, I do not want to not take some time out, just to have fun and share a few things in more detail. On that note, I would like you to meet good old Robert.

You see, Robert was a very fine looking chap in his day, sturdy, all parts working perfectly. Some would say handsome. However, many moves, life,  and change of partners, and he was becoming tired, scruffy, you could say damaged in some way. Poor Robert. He was a shadow of his former self, and so needed a new lease of life, inspiration, something to make him feel proud again.

Here is old Robert- sad old chap~!
Hmmm! Robert really needs a friend.              
Then just when Robert was facing the dumpster, along came Annie- now Annie was an amazing friend, she was able to cheer Robert up no end. Annie, being the caring, creative and colorful nature she was had lots of ideas for old Robert. She knew Robert only too well, having seen many old chaps like this in her time. Annie knew at once, Robert needed to feel special again, clean, strong and proud. In no time, Annie waved her magic wand and started the process of helping Robert regain his former glory.

Annie was the creative magical person of Chalk Paint® and Robert and her became such good friends. He just relaxed while she did her magic. Voila! Robert in no time thanks to the quick transformations of Annie once again stood proud. Robert, loved his new look. Graphite Grey and Old Ochre colors suited him well, and, Oh! just look at the final little touches. 

Robert now sits all happy, and has loved meeting others like him in his new home Big White Goose. Here is can marvel at Annie and her magic wand of Chalk Paint®.

Thank you Annie Sloan!!!! At Big White Goose- We Luv Ya! all agreed with Robert.

Monday, July 8, 2013

$12.95 To Paint a Front Door -No Sanding or Priming!

Hello, If you saw my facebook page then you would have seen this post. People have really asked me if this is true? Well, what can I say.. Seriously! I used one 4 oz pot of chalk paint®decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Ambusson Blue. First coat was just out the pot, 20 mins to dry, then second coat I slightly watered down, and voila! done. Now, I could add another coat if need be, but I don't feel it needs it. I am so into this color right now, no wonder my own dinning room table and chairs, hutch, side tables have been painted this color. Its an addiction, you can't help it. You would think, that painting all day would be enough, LOL! Nope! I just keep painting.

Finally yesterday I got to finish this glass cabinet. I just fell in love with the shape of it and knew exactly how I wanted to paint it. Actually it has a buffet to match, but I am not painting that in the same color. For the record I painted this cabinet in Country Grey- two coats, then waxed it with clear wax. I then slightly sanded it with 220 grit sandpaper where I felt it needed to be sanded. I guess, it is like the furniture talking to you if that makes any sense at all? All being well my shipment of long awaited new colors should arrive at the store on Wednesday, then I can really play.

It was really hot in the work studio today, but I did manage to get a few more colors mixed for a child's chair right now. Why does it seem like Friday for some reason? oh well, enough said.

Bye for now

Monday, July 1, 2013

Chalk Painting Floor Cloths

Hello Everyone,

It is so hot here in Oregon City, and in my little store it is an oven, fans all over the place and really must find a little window air-conditioner, bit late now, it is not like I did not know the hot weather was coming.. LOL! Anyway, what a crazy,crazy week. Finally my lovely and much anticipated Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan arrived.

 I cannot tell you how very very excited I was and even more so when I had not even unpacked it all and had lovely ladies coming in. Friday and Sat was busy to the point I never did get around to painting anything up for my workshop,let alone some fab pieces I have sitting in my garage, and back of shop just crying out to me to paint them.. These days I am always covered in paint splattered jean, nails multicolor, hair with streaks in the color whatever I am using that day. The one good thing about owning a small shop and painting all the time is I don't get out to follow another passion of mine and that is clothes shopping, hmmm! much to my husbands delight!!

Anyway, I was explaining about painting floors to a customer and I thought you would like to see this amazing floor cloth painting by one of our other stockist... I love this and shows you want chalk paint® and stenciling can achieve to say the least.  I have added the link on how to do this if you want to try. I know I will and looking forward to adding this to my new workshops for the Autumn.

Have a great week ladies, stay cool!!! Cheryl

Click Here for How To

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